20th EUROTREFF: 06.-10.09.2023

The EUROTREFF is an international children’s and youth choir festival, which has been held every two years in Wolfenbüttel since 1989. The festival 2023 has the motto “Aufbruch”.

Just about overwhelmed by everyday life or burdened with the troubles of days without hope, it is easy to forget the chances in the world which are still awaiting us.  Possibly it’s also inertia or lack of courage that prevent us from setting forth into the new and the unknown.  But the efforts of such a departure will quickly glean rewards: the adventure develops into new impulses, insights and encounters.

Together we want to break out of our comfort zones into a future filled with joy in music and the understanding of other cultures.  So: bring along your musical and cultural roots to EUROTREFF 2023, and let us set forth together on a musical adventure!