„Klänge der Natur | Sounds of Nature“

Nature and its sounds have always been a source of inspiration for composers and vocalists: Birds chirp intervals and even melodies, and they can be heard in a number of composers’ works. But composers even incorporate other sounds of nature, such as rolling thunder, sounds of the ocean, and wind, into their musical works. Nature sounds out, nature unites – beyond national or cultural borders. Singing is a part of human nature and brings people together. At EUROTREFF 2013 we’re going to bring nature into the churches and concert halls and bring the concerts to nature.


Choirs and Ateliers

Atelier Children's Choir

Gesa Werhahn (Germany)
Children's Choir Svitani (Czech Republic)
Children's Choir Ss. Cyril & Methodios (Greece)
Children's and Youth Choir „Ulrich von Hutten“ (Germany)


Atelier Children's Choir

Yoshihisa Kinoshita (Germany)
Vienna Children's Choir (Austria)
Children's Choir Zoltán Kodály (Romania)
Haager Spatzen (Germany)


Atelier Girls Choir

David Azurza (Spain)
Girls Choir Alie Parusa (Belarus)
Girls Choir Canzone (Estonia)
Girls Choir Wiwat (Poland)
Ensemble Concenti NordWest (Germany)


Atelier Mixed Youth Choir

Maud Hamon-Loisance (France)
Youth Choir VoxSoul (Portugal)
Youth Choir Vox Viva (Italy)
Youth Choir Herzog Ernst Grammar School Uelzen (Germany)


Atelier Mixed Youth Choir

Markus Detterbeck (Germany)
Youth Choir of Music School Demmin (Germany)
IGS Wallstraße Wolfenbüttel Choir (Germany)
Peter-Räuber-Schule Wolfenbüttel Choir (Germany)


Atelier Mixed Youth Choir

Stefan Kalmer (Germany)
Youth Choir Cantacanti (Switzerland)
Boğaziçi University Classical Choir (Turkey)
Schaumburger Märchensänger (Germany)

Atelier Children's Choir

Basilio Astulez


Basilio Astulez graduated in Fine Arts from the University of the Basque Country and studied music at at the Jesús Guridi Conservatory […]