Voice. Music. Language. Sound. Where does music begin and language stop?
What kind of musical sounds can we produce with our voices? Rhythm, melody and intonation are to be found in music as well as in language. Music is capable of overcoming language barriers, creating communication and mutual understanding where the many different languages of this world might create more obstacles than assistance. Making music and singing together, we transcend cultural and linguistic barriers and thus create quite new possibilities and perspectives for communication. Let us experiment together to find out
how language and voice can be employed, deliberately but in different ways, to create a very special sound experience!

Atelier Children's Choir

Veronica Bertsch


completed her secondary school teacher’s training certificate in music education and German at the University of Regensburg and subsequently studied vocal pedagogy […]

Atelier Children's Choir

Yoshihisa Matthias Kinoshita


is German-Japanese and father to four children. He studied at the Hochschule für Musik Cologne/Aachen. He has been directing the Wolfratshauser Kinderchor […]

Atelier Children's Choir

Leslie Peeters


Choir conductor, conducting teacher, singer and pianist Leslie Peeters graduated from Lyon’s CNSM. She completed her studies in Birmingham’s conservatoire in Great […]

Atelier Girls Choir

Luigi Leo


is the conductor and the founder of the children’s and youth choir “Juvenes Cantores” and of the vocal ensemble “Modus Novus”. He […]

Atelier Mixed Youth Choir

Cecilia Martin-Löf


studied choral conducting at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm and gave her diploma concert in the spring of 2006. She […]

Atelier Mixed Youth Choir

Dominic Ellis-Peckham


is a conductor of immense energy and focus, delivering “gutsy, raw and exciting performances”. He has received critical acclaim for his dedication […]

Atelier Mixed Youth Choir

Başak Doğan


After finishing her master in Philosophy of Music at Boğaziçi University in Istanbul, she is currently reading for her second master’s degree […]