Gimnazija Kranj Mixed Choir


Gimnazija Kranj Mixed Choir was founded in 2015 as the second choir of Gimnazija Kranj high school. In this short time it already appeared on the International Choir Competition »Golden Lime Tuhelj 2015« where it won the silver prize. It was also awarded two special prizes on the regional choir competition Sozvočenja in 2016. Every year it performs at the Gimnazija Kranj Great Christmas Concert 2017 with the Gimnazija Kranj Symphony Orchestra. It consists of approximately 40 singers aged from 15 to 19 who are attending Gimnazija Kranj high school. It performs regularly on local and school events. One of the main goals of the choir is to inspire young singers and encourage them to discover and develop their voices with vocal technique and diverse repertoire (from renaissance to contemporary and folk music).