Romanian Radio Children’s Choir


Founded in 1945, the Romanian Radio Children’s Choir was and still remains a true school of musical education for young generations, a talent factory for the world’s great stages, and a benchmark for the highest quality in children’s choir work. In the 77 years of its existence, the choir has been led by a series of first-class conductors, starting with the founder Ion Vanica, followed by Elena Vivica, Eugenia Văcărescu Necula, Voicu Popescu and currently Răzvan Rădos. All of them have contributed decisively to the artistic path and have written a wonderful story over the years, into which they have put all their dedication, talent, wisdom, love for children and a lot of work to refine everything down to the last detail. Numerous concert tours and international competitions have taken the choir to almost all European countries as well as to Japan, the USA and Canada. In 2004, the choir was honoured to be awarded the title of “Cultural Ambassador of the European Union” by the “European Federation of Choirs of the Union”.