Birgitte Næslund Madsen


Birgitte Næslund Madsen has degrees in Musicology, English and French from the University of Aarhus and has been a teacher at Egaa Gymnasium until 2021 when she decided to work full time as a choir conductor. She has specialized in choral work with children and young people and is the founder of several choirs. Currently she conducts five choirs: Aarhus Pigekor, Det Jyske Musikkonservatoriums Pigekor, EVE, Aarhus Juniorkor and Landskoret. Birgitte’s musical profile is characterized by an equal respect and interest in both classical, contemporary, popular and folk music which can be seen in the very diverse repertoires of the different choirs. Also, she takes an interest in choreography and performance elements and often experiments with those aspects. All the choirs contribute to the rich choral culture in Aarhus and all over Denmark, as well as abroad, as they often perform at major events and concerts, competitions and festivals as well as on television.