Helle Høyer Vedel


Helle Høyer Vedel grew up in a musical family and noticed already in her childhood that she was going to work with music in her professional life. She works as an international conductor, lecturer and juror. In 2002 she handpicked the 25 best singers from one of her big children’s choirs and founded the Aarhus Girls’ Choir. Working with these very dedicated young singers was a gift to her and confirmed that specializing in the girls choir was the right thing for her. Over the years she has won international choral competitions with the Aarhus Girls’ Choir, such as the World Choir Games 2014 and 2018 and “Let the Peoples sing” of the European Broadcasting Union in 2015. Helle has also worked with several Danish composers such as Per Nørgård and Søren Møller, the Aarhus Symphony Orchestra, the Danish National Opera and the Dutch choreographer Panda van Proosdij. Today she conducts the Girls’ Choir of the Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus Girls’ Choir and the Korvida Girls’ Choir. She is also a teacher at the Aarhus School of Music.