Josep Vila Jover


studied choral conducting with Enric Ribó, Conxita Garcia and Christian Grube. He is the artistic director of the Societat Coral Amics de la Unió, a prestigious choir school in Granollers (Catalonia) with more than six hundred students and ten active choirs. At this school, he conducts two choirs with about one hundred singers in total. Besides of concerts in big venues and in cooperation with renowned conductors, every year he and his choirs travel to different countries in Europe. Josep Vila Jover is regularly invited as a conductor for workshops and festivals of choral music, as for example to the Europa Cantat festival 2015 in Pécs (Hungary). As conductor of the children choir Amics de la Unió, considered one of the best children choirs in Europe, he has won several awards at international competitions, and has published several recordings.