József Nemes


József Nemes is the conductor and music teacher of Saint Ephrem Greek Catholic Primary School in Debrecen. Since 2007 he has been conducting the Children’s Choir Lautitia there, of which he was a member himself before. He later also founded the Lautitia Mixed Youth Choir and the Lautitia Chamber Choir. József is committed not only to represent the diverse cultural life of Debrecen, but to also support the Greek Catholic Church and its moral principles. His work is fundamentally based on the theory of Zoltán Kodály which is a very important point of reference for the choir members as well. His aim is to transmit pleasure and profound emotions during their performances and to experience some exceptional moments with his choir singers. With his choirs József Nemes has won several prizes at competitions. In addition, his musical and pedagogical vocation has been acknowledged with various special prizes, amongst them the recognition as “Excellent Educator of the City of Debrecen”. However, the biggest pleasure and feedback for him is that the community is a stable and fundamental part of not only his choir singers’ but also his life.