Träume | Dreams Everybody dreams, and the shape of our dreams is beyond understanding and limitation. We encounter colours, sounds and shapes we do not otherwise know, and we encounter ourselves. We conjure up images, at night we face our hopes or fears. As soon as we wake up, the dream has vanished beyond reach. […]

Pueri Cantores St. Aegidien Braunschweig

Pueri Cantores St. Aegidien is the elite choir of the singing school St. Aegidien in Brunswick. Additional to their regular work the choir takes part in several events to ensure their social contact and the preparation of new works. Pueri Cantores often performs at oratorios. Musical performances show the soloistic and theatrical talents of the […]

Girls Choir Zhuravachka

The choir is one of the best choirs of Belarus and has already taken part at the International Youth Chamber Choir Meeting Usedom twice. In 2015 the choir celebrated its 20th anniversary and won the 1st prize at the IV International Choir Festival MUSIC & SEA in Greece. The repertoire of Zhuravachka includes classical Russian […]

Riga Girls Choir

The Riga Girls Choir has made a significant contribution to the Latvian culture and education. It gives concerts at the most prominent concert halls of Latvia, such as the Latvia Philharmonic or the Dome Cathedral. Under the conduction of Gunta Malevica the choir has won local competitions which take place each year. The Girls’ Choir […]

Girls Choir Fantasia

The Girls Choir Fantasia was founded in 1995 at the Elenza Cuza-Gymnasium in Vaslui. Their repertoire includes sacred music as well as gospel, jazz and traditional folk choral music. The choir toured to Slovenia, Greece, France and Germany and got many awards and prizes like the first prize at the national school choir competition 2012 […]

Children’s Choir Vivat Musica

The children’s choir Vivat Musica was founded in 2000 and is located in Rivne (Ukraine). The choir brings together 100 children aged between 5 and 18. The choirs’ repertoire contains classical and romantic compositions, as well as folk and contemporary music. Under the conduction of Natalia Pavliuchuk the choir takes part in competitions and festivals […]

Children’s Choir Kivi

The repertoire of the Children’s Choir Kivi includes a mix of Lithuanian folk songs, sacred music as well as popular and jazz compositions. By participating in choral festivals and competitions‚ the Children’s Choir Kivi always ensures to include traditional Lithuanian tunes. The poetic and musical harmonies are playing a big role in the song choice.

Children’s Choir Freudenhain

The repertoire of the Children’s Choir Freudenhain includes works from the renaissance just as works of contemporary artists and composers. Great emphasis is placed on the interpretation in the respective original language. The choir had few musical exchanges and concerts with different choirs. They participated in the EUROTREFF already 2015.

Children’s Choir Canzonetta

Under the conduction of Elżbieta Siczek the children’s choir Canzonetta takes part in many cultural events. The repertoire of the choir includes pieces from different centuries by Polish and international composers, with and without musical accompaniment. Canzonetta already participated in 2009 in the EUROTREFF.

Children’s Choir Cantemus

Corinna and Clemens Bergemann founded the choir Cantemus (Let us sing) in 1999. Its concept, besides conveying music, is to teach children team work, conscientious, respect and tolerance for different cultures. The choir has a yearly visit from another group and visits international choirs itself. The choir school has build up its own international reputation […]