Träume | Dreams Everybody dreams, and the shape of our dreams is beyond understanding and limitation. We encounter colours, sounds and shapes […]

Girls Choir Zhuravachka

The choir is one of the best choirs of Belarus and has already taken part at the International Youth Chamber Choir Meeting […]

Riga Girls Choir

The Riga Girls Choir has made a significant contribution to the Latvian culture and education. It gives concerts at the most prominent […]

Girls Choir Fantasia

The Girls Choir Fantasia was founded in 1995 at the Elenza Cuza-Gymnasium in Vaslui. Their repertoire includes sacred music as well as […]

Children’s Choir Vivat Musica

The children’s choir Vivat Musica was founded in 2000 and is located in Rivne (Ukraine). The choir brings together 100 children aged […]

Children’s Choir Kivi

The repertoire of the Children’s Choir Kivi includes a mix of Lithuanian folk songs, sacred music as well as popular and jazz […]

Children’s Choir Freudenhain

The repertoire of the Children’s Choir Freudenhain includes works from the renaissance just as works of contemporary artists and composers. Great emphasis […]

Children’s Choir Canzonetta

Under the conduction of Elżbieta Siczek the children’s choir Canzonetta takes part in many cultural events. The repertoire of the choir includes […]

Children’s Choir Cantemus

Corinna and Clemens Bergemann founded the choir Cantemus (Let us sing) in 1999. Its concept, besides conveying music, is to teach children […]