sprach:klang Voice. Music. Language. Sound. Where does music begin and language stop? What kind of musical sounds can we produce with our voices? Rhythm, melody and intonation are to be found in music as well as in language. Music is capable of overcoming language barriers, creating communication and mutual understanding where the many different languages […]

Youth Choir Vivat Musica

This youth choir was founded in 2015, bringing together the best voices of the children’s choir “Vivat Musica” and talented young students, who are keen to develop and continue their choral singing. The ensemble actively promotes the art of the youth choir and gives concerts both in Ukraine and abroad. During its existence the collective […]

Göttingen Boys Choir

Since the 60s and 70s the Göttingen Boys Choir has made itself a name, together with its founder Franz Herzog, well beyond the borders of Göttingen. The choir regularly takes part in the oratorios at the Göttinger Händelfestspiele. Under Michael Krause, conductor since 2003, the choir has made numerous concert tours abroad including to England, […]

Youth Choir of the Music School of Vienna

The Youth Choir of the Music School of Vienna was founded in September 2011 and is one of the town-wide children’s and youth choirs of the Singing School of Vienna. Its repertoire embraces a cappella literature of all époques, but also works with orchestra such as the Mozart “Requiem”, Bach’s “Christmas Oratorio” and Vivaldi’s “Gloria”. […]

Christophorus Children‘s Choir Altensteig

The Christophorus Children’s Choir Altensteig makes about 15 appearances in any one school year, in its own area as well as well beyond. Concert tours lasting several days have taken the children’s choir to Belgium, the Czech Republic, Spain, England and southern France. The choristers from Altensteig seek and value encounters with other treble choirs […]

Youth Choir Marktkirche Hanover

The Youth Choir Marktkirche Hanover is a young choir with ca. 30 singers from 13 to 20 years, attached to the main church of Hanover. With the voices S, A and B they sing in different styles: baroque, pop, jazz and spirituals. All the singers received their basic training in traditional children’s choirs and possess […]

Children’s Choir April

The choir “April” exists within the framework of the additional education at the Gatchina Education Centre. It is a school of choral music but also offers a full set of academic subjects. The uniqueness of the choir consists in the fact that children are recruited at the age of five and stay together till they […]

Amics de la Unió

The Youth Choir Amics de la Unió, conducted by Marta Dosaiguas, was founded in 2005 and consists of 25 young singers aged between 16 and 22. The Cor Jove Amics de la Unió has a varied repertoire but devotes special attention to modern and popular music. In 2017, Cor Jove Amics de la Unió premièred […]

Gimnazija Kranj Mixed Choir

Gimnazija Kranj Mixed Choir was founded in 2015 as the second choir of Gimnazija Kranj high school. In this short time it already appeared on the International Choir Competition »Golden Lime Tuhelj 2015« where it won the silver prize. It was also awarded two special prizes on the regional choir competition Sozvočenja in 2016. Every […]

Girls Choir Canzone

Founded in 2001 at Haapsalu Music School with twenty singers, the girls choir Canzone has grown to now 50 members. The girls, aged 12 to 20, sing everything from medieval canons to modern arrangements of pop hits. The choir’s repertoire includes works by Estonian composers, Estonian folk music settings, gospel music, spirituals and choral music […]