Children’s Choir Choral


The children’s choir “Choral” at the cathedral of Varna was established in 1989. The founder of the choir is Ms. Veselina Simeonova, a choral conductor and music teacher who graduated in choral conducting at the Music Academy Sofia under Prof. D. Russkov. The repertoire includes children’s school and choral songs. A decisive contribution to the development and progress of the training has been made by both the school and the church. In the church, the choir was able to debut for the first time in 2003 with a liturgy, and afterwards for over a decade some of its concert performances took place there. A turning point in the history of the choir was traveling to Moscow in 1995 and participating in a concert at Institute Gnesini hall.  In 2008/09 the choir left the school structure and went its own way. Since then, the young singers have participated in many competitions and actions, including the national initiative “Bulgaria sings” in 2016 – 2022.