Girls Choir Szczygiełki


The choir “Szczygielki”, made up of more than 130 children and youths, is a children’s music ensemble established in 1975 in Poniatowa/Poland, which is still directed by married musicologists Danuta and Witold Danielewicz. Together they have acquired a legendary reputation across the world. The achievements of the Danielewiczs’ “artistic combine” can be demonstrated by the over 3200 concerts and 125 foreign tours with performances across over 90% of the European countries and in Mexico, Australia, Canada, the USA, Japan, Ecuador and Turkey. It must be said that in the history of children’s and youth musical ensembles, it is the only example in Poland, perhaps even in the world, of a successful pedagogical experiment combined with such brilliant artistic achievement. Conductors of this group are Anna Karwat and Joanna Garbacz.