Youth Choir Kaufungen


The Kaufungen Youth Choir is part of the Kaufungen Protestant Singing School, which was founded in 2002. The young people, many already members of the singing school for several years, are between 11 and 18 years old. Under the direction of district cantor Martin Baumann, the Kaufungen Youth Choir cultivates a broad repertoire: music from the classical to the modern era, as well as sacred and secular music. The choir members sing in two to three parts, with the voice allocations changing from time to time. Thus, the young people have a considerable vocal range of two and a half octaves. In order to gain experience in oratorio and cantata performances, the youth choir regularly organises concerts and church services with the Kaufunger Kantorei. It also participates in concerts of the Kaufungen Gospel and Jazz Choir. Otherwise, the choir devotes itself to numerous performances and activities of its own.