jungerChor Nuremberg


Since 2005, the children’s and youth choirs of the Nuremberg Music School have been performing under the name “jungerChor Nürnberg”. It is a choir school for all ages that offers professional training for children’s and youth voices. Special attention is given to support during the change of voice, in which the boys are carefully prepared for their new vocal tasks in the youth choir. In the youth choir, polyphonic choral literature from the classical as well as the pop/rock/jazz genres are rehearsed. The repertoire is performed at events of the city of Nuremberg (e.g. in the zoo) and in several concerts of its own per year, which are either a cappella, with piano or instrumental ensembles, depending on the occasion. At least one rehearsal weekend and Europe-wide concert tours are further highlights of the choir each year. The choir is very much looking forward to making new contacts at EUROTREFF and experiencing international exchange.