Children’s Choir Zwischentöne


The children’s choir Zwischentöne e.V. is open to all children and young people from the age of six. The children enjoy learning new pieces of modern and classical children’s choir literature. Under the guidance of choir director and singing teacher Marlen Hachmann, they learn a varied repertoire, sing international songs, in several parts and with instrumental accompaniment as well. Founded in 2002 as the youth choir Zwischentöne in Horst, the project aims to enhance singing and, with this, the community of Horst as a cultural location. The choir performs regularly in Horst and the surrounding area and goes on a choir retreat once a year. Leisure and rehearsal weekends are of course also part of their programme. For 2023, the Zwischentöne children’s choir will perform the Christmas Oratorio by J.S. Bach with the Kantorei St. Laurentii Itzehoe under the direction of Dörthe Landmesser.