Voice Changers


The Berlin choir “VoiceChangers” found its origin in 2013 at the Deutsche Oper Berlin under the direction of Rosemarie Arzt and has since grown to a group of about 30 members. The choir consists of boys and young men from the age of 13, whose singing career originally started in the Children’s Choir of the Deutsche Oper Berlin. Already there, a “heartfelt” interest in singing was and is instilled in the boys, and they can continue this in the “VoiceChangers”. And the name speaks for itself, because the choir supports the singers from the beginning of the voice change to the male sound, among other things by careful exercises and expert voice training. The singers show their enduring joy in choral singing with their versatile a cappella repertoire ranging from classical to pop to film music, which is especially popular in the Berlin area as part of renowned events.